Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessments for adults

ADHD is often viewed as an adolescent concern, manifesting within in school. However research is clear that ADHD symptoms are likely to persist well into adulthood and in most cases result in persistent life challenges. This can have a significant impact on an individuals ability to function at work, manage their interpersonal relationships and regulate their own emotions.

While many adults were diagnosed during adolescence, there is still a large contingent of adults who have either never been diagnosed or had their symptoms explained by some other external and often damaging reason such as laziness. 

When ADHD symptoms are less pronounced (e.g. inattention without hyper-activity) they can often go unnoticed, a common trait particularly prevalent among females struggling with ADHD. Then if we consider for a moment that just 20 years ago a significantly less individuals even received a diagnosis we can begin to understand why so many have fallen through the cracks. Today we understand the prevalence of ADHD sits between 5 and 10% of the population making it far more common than previously thought. 

For individuals who feel they may present with ADHD and would like to explore this further, I provide ADHD assessments for adults which combine clinical interviews and familial history intake with quantitative elements in the form of the CAARS self and observer reports (Connors Adult ADHD Rating Scales). and various working memory and processing speed subtests (WAIS-IV). This gives a more definitive sense of whether one meets the criteria for ADHD. 

If ADHD is indeed an area of struggle for you then an holisitc treatment plan will be discussed with you.

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Adhd Assessments for Adults