Educational assessments

Educational assessments - overview

Psycho-educational assessments (often referred to simply as educational assessments) identify possible barriers to learning and development, provide a diagnosis (if necessary) and assist in the formulation of intervention strategies in order to best serve the student. Most commonly educational assessments help shed light on possible emotional, behavioural or neurological difficulties (such as anxiety, attention difficulties) or in some cases may lead to the provision of concessions or accommodations such as extra time during examinations.


Educational assessments

Educational assessments - The process

An initial session (comprising of your child and at least one parent). This occurs on the morning prior to the assessment and lasts for approximately 30 to 50 minutes. This session provides an opportunity to clarify the reason for the assessment, go through the procedure, manage any anxiety and simply for me to gain further information to best serve your child. Educational assessments include school readiness, assessing for concessions and diagnosing learning difficulties.

The educational assessment itself then is administered throughout the remainder of the morning and into the afternoon. I use a variety of different tools such as the WISC/WAIS (IQ testing), WIAT (scholastic testing), psycho-motor functioning, emotional and behavioural-orientated tests. This allows me to gain a thorough understanding of any contributing factors impacting on your child academic functioning. During this time we will take several breaks so dont forget to pack a healthy lunch for your child.

The feedback session is generally 50 minutes long and occurs within 2 to 3 weeks after the completion of the educational assessment. Over these weeks I review the assessments, analyze the data, consider the findings and finally make recommendations in the best interest of the child. This is then communicated during the session and a comprehensive report is handed over to the parents.